Pressure Pumping

Coiled Tubing Services

Our CT services department employs highly qualified and experienced engineering and technical personnel ready to advise and assist Clients regarding proper selection of the equipment they need, operating parameters modeling, recommendations for optimizing operational processes, etc. Due to the reduction of works duration and minimization of producing formation damage, our services allow Clients to optimize economic performance. Our scope includes:

  • Sand plugs clean out

  • Well kill

  • Nitrogen kick-off

  • Bridge plug/packer setting

  • Cement plug placement

  • Operations with well downhole equipment

  • Cleaning tubing from organic/inorganic deposits

  • Coil tubing acid stimulation

  • Fishing Operations

Stimulation Services

SAHARA ME Provides tailor made acid systems for a wide range of reservoirs conditions. Including:

  • Retarded acid system for HPHT Wells

  • Gelled acid system

  • Particulate diverter technology

  • Water Shut off Chemical

  • Acid diverter system

  • Acid Stimulation Optimization for Vugular and natural fractured reservoirs

  • Diverter evaluation for Matrix Stimulation jobs for wells with a different permeabilities values

  • Reservoir Conformance solutions for water control in near wellbore and reservoir derived problems

  • Long term production evaluation performance for wells with asphaltene and paraffin problems

  • Laboratory support to provide a tailor-made solution for every well condition

  • Technical expertise Support in regional office 24/7

  • Laboratory Certified API-426 Y ISO 10

Cementing Services

SAHARA ME is able to provide a tailor-made solution for every well condition for both Cementing and Stimulation services. Along with around the clock technical expertise Support in regional offices and an API-426 Y ISO 10 Certified Laboratory Support.

  • High Performance lightweight and ultralightweight systems

  • Gas tight systems

  • High compressive strength and high impact resistant cement systems

  • 100% acid soluble systems

  • New generation of spacers for mud removal enhancement

  • Chemical wash systems

Laboratory Support

SAHARA Laboratory is able to provide a tailor made solution for every well conditions for both Cementing and Stimulation services.

  • Technical expertise Support in regional office 24/7

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