Cased Hole Logging

Production Logging

  • Fluid Identification: Capacitance & Density (Non-Radioactive)

  • Flow: Caged & Full-bore Flowmeter

  • Press/Temp: Quartz high accuracy sensors

  • Correlation: GR, CCL

  • Geometry: X-Y Caliper

  • Mechanical: KJ, Centralizers, CHT
  • Advanced Flow Modeling (Temperature Simulation):

    • Providing Complex flow contribution through Temperature simulation for both production and injection wells.
    • Providing production profile for very low flow rate or heavy oil cases where spinner cannot operate.

Well Integrity

Focusing on our clients well integrity through early stage detection of well problems, providing recommendations enabling our clients to perform appropriate actions to minimize production interruptions, ultimately affecting field performance and Oil recovery.

  • Radial Bond Tool (RBT)

  • Magnetic Thickness Detector MTD (Corrosion Evaluation)

  • Multi Finger Caliper Tool

  • Acoustic Leak Detection Tool (Spectral Noise Logging)

Pipe Recovery Services

SAHARA ME is fully licensed by MCR Oil Tools with its fully trained and experienced personnel using MCR’s patented Radial Cutting Torch (RCT) and Perforating Torch Cutter (PTC) technologies, the safest most effective pipe recovery technology in the industry with Non-explosive, Non- Chemical Cutters and punchers with full range of sizes and in county Stock

Wireline Maintenane Support

Sahara ME Owns and Operates its Wireline Maintenance Lab to assure proper maintenance of our assets according to Industry Standards with highly qualified Lab Technicians to minimize any operations downtime, conducting the following:

  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance including PM1, PM2, and PM3

  • Troubleshooting

  • Assets Repair

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