Oilfield Chemicals

From production chemicals to specialty drilling fluids and upstream lubricants & sealants, SAHARA ME serves the whole products portfolio and scope of services combined with experience, knowledge and the inside to meet market demand and customers satisfaction.

Our technology partners support our operations through their research and development bureau to maximize the optimal optimization of our products meeting specific customers applications.

  • Demulsifier

  • Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Oxygen Scavenger

  • H2S Scavenger

  • Biocide

  • Scale Inhibitor

  • Asphaltine Inhibitor

Production Chemicals

  • Chemicals Management Services (CMS)

  • In-Country Lab Testing Services

  • Research & Development Support  

  • Drag Reducer Agent (DRA)

  • Asphaltene and Wax Dispersant

  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors

  • Biocide (Antibactria)

  • Hydrotest Cocktail “Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Total System Analysis Services (TSA)

  • Partnering With Third Party Lab Testing Services

  • Demulsifier, Clarifier, and Deoiler

  • Wax and Asphaltene Inhibitors

  • Gas Corrosion Inhibitor for Crude, Gas and Water

  • H2S and Oxygen Scavengers

  • Antifoaming Agents

  • Biocide, and Oxygen Scavenger

Drilling Fluids

We serve drilling service companies Our products range includes the provision of solutions to wide stream of drilling applications of drilling fluids, stimulation fluids, completion fluids, work over fluids, and cementing slurries and upstream production fluids.

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