Thermal Management

Providing complete Heat Tracing System (HTS) including the transformer, control and monitoring panels, power connections, heating cable, end terminations, and related accessories to manage the heat our clients need – from pipe freeze protection, or process temperature maintenance, to process heat-up applications

We Manage the Heat You Need

Frost Protection
Temperature Maiıntenance
Long Line Heating
Instrument Heating
Foundation Heating


  • Heating Cables
    Offering an array of cable technologies — such as self regulating, power limiting, mineral insulated, skin effect, constant wattage and series resistance — our heating cables meet the needs of most applications including process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, longline heating, flow assurance, hot water temperature maintenance

  • Control & Monitoring
    Offerings a complete suite of control and monitoring products including Mechanical Thermostats, Electronic Controllers, Contractors, Sensors, Controller Accessories and RTDs to be used in conjunction with our electric heat-tracing systems and for virtually any application

  • Connection Kits
    Offering power Connection Kits, Splice Kits, Tee Kits, and End Seal Kits being critical components of a properly functioning of our RAYCHEM heat trace system

  • Accessories
    Offering attachment tapes, cable ties, pipe straps, mounting brackets, junction boxes, tools, and miscellaneous accessories that are meant to be used in conjunction with our electric heat-tracing systems.

  • Fire Rated Wiring Cables
    Offering fire rated & specialty performance wiring cables for fire-rated applications such as fire alarm, emergency lighting and critical industrial equipment circuits as well as low EMI, service and feeder retrofit, OEM, seal and corrosion resistance application.

  • Engineered Products
    Offering products for various applications; like long pipeline heating, Pipe freeze protection, Process temperature maintenance, Tank heating & Tank insulation.

  • Tools
    Cables stripping tools, crimp tools, bending tools.

  • Electrical Enclosures

  • Electrical And Fastening Solutions

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