Open Hole Logging

SAHARA ME provides complete suite of open hole logging services for formation evaluation enabling our clients to enhance their reservoirs value and production by providing high quality data and interpretation. Our tools have a proven track record in Iraq, our combo set includes:

  • Litho Density Logging Tool (LDLT)

  • Compensates Neutron Logging Tool (CNLT)

  • Dual Laterolog Logging Tool (DLLT)

  • Micro Spherical Focused Log (MFSL)

  • Gamma Ray (GR)

  • Spectral GR

  • High Definition Sonic Tool (HDST)

  • 4 – Arm Caliper

  • SP Logging Tool

Wireline Maintenane Support

Sahara ME Owns and Operates its Wireline Maintenance Lab to assure proper maintenance of our assets according to Industry Standards with highly qualified Lab Technicians to minimize any operations downtime, conducting the following:

  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance including PM1, PM2, and PM3

  • Troubleshooting

  • Assets Repair

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